Hayrish invests in large-scale real estate assetsĀ in leading European cities.


We acquire, finance and transform real estate assets through restructuring, repositioning, place-making and physical improvements. Combining local skills and experience, we reinvigorate city buildings and their environments to generate superior returns for investors.

Headquartered in London and founded in 2015, Hayrish is active throughout Europe and is authorised and regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.

Our Approach

Opportunity Focused

Identifying and realising superior investment opportunities

Hayrish is adept at spotting unrealised potential and generating origination value, especially in markets where sectors are growing at different rates. Our network and market knowledge produce excellent deals which we back with our own capital alongside that of our investors. We have a bias towards large-scale and complex transactions where our experience and financial capacity are fundamental to execution.

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Prime Locations

Locations with global appeal, assets with more than local significance

Prime locations with restricted and stable supply suit our consumer-led focus of providing the best buildings to globally recognised occupiers. The cities we target have enduring appeal, while our assets combine attractive returns with the liquidity and defensive qualities desired by investors.

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Active Strategies

What we buy is not what we sell

Hayrish targets opportunities where active strategies are the greatest contributor to value growth. This delivers income and capital returns above those from market forces alone. We fix broken assets - addressing areas of financial or physical deficiency and reinvigorating buildings that have failed to keep pace with technology or changing consumer patterns.

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